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CBB is leading Danish online mobile and broadband operator with the goal to provide easy-to-understand communication products with full transparency. CBB refers to this as ‘honest mobile service’. With great customer service, excellent network coverage and highly competitive prices they have some of the most satisfied customers in the industry.

As an online company, CBB’s website is their key sales channel, and plays a paramount role in their business. Being in the fast-moving Telco industry, CBB needs to easily update their products and website to respond to market changes and meet their consumers´ ever-changing needs. Therefore, it is extremely important for CBB that they provide their customers with the best possible online shopping experience with a fresh modern design and the newest products. Simply put, to provide a great digital experience with high usability.


CBB desired to find a partner that could truly embrace change and avoid the traditional pitfalls of a waterfall approach. They wanted someone that could help them be even faster in the process of getting new products to market, who could take responsibility to further improve stability of the current solution, but also help develop new, ground-breaking features.

The key challenge was to implement a development pipeline that could swiftly and securely deliver any new feature that business requested without burdening their primary sales channel.

CBB uses the same backend for their online customer-site as well as their internal customer services and telemarketing-site. These two sites have a functional overlap and provide CBB with360 degrees of functionality to operate their business and assist customers.

Initially, the project had a backlog of very urgent features for all channels which needed to be prioritized together with business stakeholders, taking into consideration development time and complexity. The goal was to get the development pipeline to start delivering improvements right away.


Novataris established an agile team working in close collaboration with key resources in the CBB online department. Using Novataris’ standard approach, based on Kanban/Scrum Methodologies, the project quickly got on the right track and started to deliver some of the most urgent features and fixes to CBB and Novataris engaged in a trusting relationship which has contributed to a very efficient and smooth process.

Novataris has continuously assisted CBB with technical advice and helped them specify the development tasks, thus bringing business and IT much closer together. This collaboration is key to be able to have an efficient development pipeline that can deliver anything the business requires. The team has scheduled bi-weekly deliveries and short lead-time from idea to execution. Often, it does not take more than a week from the time a new business need arises, until the functionality is developed, tested, and ready to be rolled into production with the next release.

Having a fast and reliable development pipeline means that CBB is extremely fast to adapt to market changes or new customer demand, and assures their customer service organization that any fixes or changes they need will be delivered in a timely fashion.

For example, the new home-broadband product, which was a strategic initiative for CBB, was specified, implemented, tested and launched within 4 weeks of CBB business’ finalization of the commercial product.

All in all, this enhances CBB ability to quickly adapt to changes and opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

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