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Trustpilot is an open, review-driven community connecting online consumers with the companies that they buy from. Consumers make smarter, informed decisions about purchasing by sharing their reviews. Companies benefit from providing excellent service to consumers and having that reflected on

Trustpilot is growing at an extreme pace, heavily expanding business world wide and is in need of better insights in both financial operations, human resources and sales operations. Source systems are often in flux and replaced by new enterprise level systems to support the growing business requirements. For the board of directors as well as executives and managers, better and faster reporting capabilities is in very high demand. Complex financial and sales reporting is delivered through Excel sheets that can no longer be supported due to the growing demand for higher complexity and new monthly reporting is very time consuming.


Novataris delivered a solution focusing on financial reporting to remove responsibilities from the complex Excel sheet and build a data warehouse foundation that can be expanded over time with additional subject areas. The release was successfully delivered on time and budget and provides Trustpilot with much improved tools to navigate the financial operations daily instead of monthly and perform data discovery with the use of the source system at a much higher pace. Trustpilot is now easily able to find errors in accounting, validate new forecasts and budgets and explore spending in individual departments.

A big challenge was the fact that Trustpilot operates worldwide and receives revenue through different companies that operate in different standard currencies and tracks transactions in over 30 difference currencies. For daily reporting purposes its important to be able to translate and select dynamically the currency of choice for reporting and to perform the conversion based on daily rates. However, it is also vital to be able to report currency fluctuations and the impact on growth and revenue. Novataris created a solution that allows end users to choose any currency for reporting and ensured that both daily rates, forecast rates or fixed rates could be selected as needed.


The solution was delivered in the Microsoft Azure cloud in order to keep internal IT infrastructure to a minimum and gain flexibiity. The solution is built on Microsoft SQL Server and integrates automatically hourly with E-conomic, a leading danish cloud based accounting system. The Azure environment where the solution is deployed is now part of the Trustpilot domain and single sign-on to all BI features has been maintained for the end user.

Today finance is spending most of their time planning the future and developing the business rather than tediously updating complex spreadsheets to account for the past.

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