New Responsive E-commerce solution for Telenor Sweden


Telenor is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing telecommunication companies, and serves more than 200 million customers worldwide. In Sweden they are the third largest mobile operator.
Being committed to serve their customers in the best possible way, Telenor Sweden accordingly wants their e-shop to meet their very high standards for performance and security, whilst providing customers and employees with an attractive digital solution.  The vision is to address the extensive competition in the market and fast pace of consumer demand, in order to increase their share of customer spend.
Telenor wanted to replace their old web-platform with a new system that provides a modern, unified and user-friendly shopping experience and is able to capture the attention of the customers.

The Challenge

Developing an e-commerce solution in the telecommunication business is challenging due to the complexity of the industry, legal requirements and due to customers’ high demands of quality through the entire buying lifecycle.
The large and complex catalogues of products, services and offerings create an enormous amount of different choices for the customers. This implies a number of technical challenges but also usability challenges, as the e-shop needs to deliver extensive amount of information to the customer and still appear simple and unified to the user.
The commerce solution also needs to provide functionality for a wide range of products with easy support for continuously adding new ones, and enable different types of extra services. 
Moreover, in order to deliver a superior shopping experience, consistency is fundamental in a multi-device world. This includes the challenge of incorporating all devices such as mobiles, tablets or laptops and providing the user with the opportunity to easily and seamlessly switch between them.
Developing the commerce solution for Telenor Sweden required a high level of flexibility, due to frequent need for commuting between Denmark and Sweden. This was necessary in order to facilitate collaboration between the different development teams. Flexible work schedules were particularly needed during peak periods in order to keep tight deadlines and ensure a successful launch. The process of developing the solution also included project management activities, coordinating expectations with Telenor and continuously contributing to shape the best possible solution.


Novataris has, in collaboration with Knowit, B3IT and key personnel from Telenor Sweden, assisted Telenor in achieving their specific goals for their new web-platform.
The solution provides an attractive, fully responsive digital shopping experience with great usability. The system integrates directly with Telenor’s backend systems, further increasing the level of automatization. Telenor’s design provides a fresh modern look with easy access to all relevant customer information in an omni-device solution, allowing users to get the best of Telenor no matter where they are.
The system is based on Episerver CMS and Episerver Commerce, which provides editors and administrators with leading-edge tools to work with content and e-commerce.
The Novataris team contributed with a high level of experience and technical knowledge gained by working on similar tasks from the Danish Award-winning Telenor OneScreen-solution. Based on a solid understanding of Telenor’s expectations, the system being developed and the software applied, Novataris was able to ensure that development progressed efficiently and met Telenor Sweden’s requirements.
The website was launched successfully on time, and Telenor now has a platform that not only helps them implement their vision, but also acts as a technological foundation for future digitalization efforts in other areas.

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