Every company is unique in their own way, and so is our IT-solutions.

Our Approach

We focus on IT-solutions as a trinity where customer-needs, technology and business acumen come together in one integrated solution. These three elements therefore constitute the foundation of our approach to ensure that your business goals are achieved.



A good IT-solution is only good if it fits the end-users. Therefore, we base our solutions on close collaboration with our clients. By means of comprehensive insight and understanding of your specific needs, your way of working and your daily operations we can develop a solution that optimize and support your business in the best way. Now and in the future.


With experience from delivering technically solid and long-term IT-solutions to many different industries, we can help you facilitate everyday processes, generate customer loyalty and realize your visions. We develop customized solutions that are based on the right strategy and architecture with full consideration to quality and business-context.


We are passionate about IT and see the opportunities and possibilities with leveraging technology to gain business success. We believe that the right technology plays a crucial role for creating the best and most long-term solutions. We always work with leading platforms and keep an eye on the latest trends in IT, so you will have the best technology to create a successful business.


Whether you are facing a large-scale digital transformation, a completely new, tailor-made solution, or less complex challenges, we help your organization reach the IT-solution that you need.

Consulting and continuous dialogue

In the process of digitalizing and automating your organization, we make complex problems easy to understand. Our experienced consultants offer guidance, identification of your needs and continuous consulting throughout the course of the project.

Analysis and Design

Our consultants have extensive experience in design, software architecture and specification of technical requirements. We work closely with our customers to achieve a thorough understanding of your business, as well as any specific needs thereof. In this way, we ensure that the scope, structure, functionality and esthetics reflect your exact desires and guarantee the most efficient and intuitive user interface and user experience.


We consider an effective work process as a prerequisite for the success of a project. In the process of transforming IT into value for your organization, the development process not only concerns software, but also an open and ongoing dialogue. Our consultants are experienced in focusing on business value and listen to our customers’ visions. We deliver solutions primarily based on an agile method. We do this to optimize the project process and to best utilize resources. Through the use of an agile process, we can deliver your product faster, within budget, and meet ever-changing requirements.


We deploy and test our solutions regularly, and always follow our solutions through to the end. Thus, we ensure that deficiencies are averted and that our delivery exactly meets your expectations. In a concrete test phase, we focus on software quality in terms of functionality, performance and security.


Novataris helps your business with IT operations and continuous maintenance. Our experienced consultants provide a reliable support team with the competences required to handle your operational tasks. This applies to both scheduled tasks and challenges which may arise within the lifetime of the solution. We understand the importance of identifying and creating solutions to problems within a short timeframe, and always make sure to follow up on these.