Waste-to-Energy at ARC

ARC is a waste-to-energy plant that serves large parts of Copenhagen with both heat and electricity through burning non-recyclable waste. ARC is in a transformation process to upgrade systems and procedures to more efficiently manage a new facility, and in that process they are looking to consolidate on fewer systems with better integration.

Novataris have been assisting ARC with establishing a new data strategy, a governance model and a technical architecture to support this. In the first phase of development, Novataris built a baseline enterprise data warehouse and the governance model has been revised accordingly. It was important for the project that release cycles were kept short and that each cycle provided tangible value to the business in the form of reports that improve insight and replace older isolated reporting systems.

Novataris successfully delivered a BI platform that increasingly takes over a larger role in the organization as the single source of readily available and reliable information about performance, operations, finance and customer service. The user experience relies on Power View for strong interaction with data, for users who want to better understand cause and effect, but who does not want to continuously build reports from scratch. Data is refreshed every hour.


Technical Data

Amager Ressource Center (ARC)
Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact: Susanne Dahl


  • SQL Server
  • SharePoint
  • Power View
  • Office

Key Challenges Solved

  • Organizational enablement
  • Governance processes
  • Improved analytical capabilities
  • Consolidation of data
  • Dependency on Excel