The identity of Novataris is based on our five values which constitute the foundation of our work approach as well as our entire organizational culture.

Today IT is an integrated part of life in all businesses. No matter the size of your company, technology plays an important role for your daily processes, efficiency and success. In Novataris, we are specialized in optimizing your business and increase your value with technology.

About Novataris

Novataris is an IT consulting firm, delivering solutions that enable your strategy, are based on the right architecture and are customized to fulfill your specific needs.

We always work from our customers’ offices, when it is possible as we believe that close collaboration is important to achieve the best solutions.

Who we are

In Novataris we are 30 employees, passionate about the solution and the people behind, not just the technology. This means, that we have a holistic focus on IT where customer-needs, technology and business should come together in one integrated solution.

The foundation of our work builds on a strong focus on innovative and flexible solutions, trusting relationships and practical experience from delivering solutions to many different industries.

  • Innovation
    • We dare to challenge the norm.
    • We bring new perspective by applying experience across domains and cultures.
    • We embrace new technology.
  • Expertise
    • We always strive for the best.
    • We practice Continuous improvement to never stop learning.
    • We take pride in using the best tools for the job.
  • Passion
    • We are passionate about delivering business value.
    • We take initiative, we hit the ground running and are active from the start.
    • We have fun both on and off work.
  • Trust
    • We keep promises.
    • We believe in open communication.
    • We build long-term relationships with customers, partners and employees.
  • Simplicity
    • We make complex problems easy to understand.
    • We deliver solutions with great usability.
    • We are straight forward and say things as they are.