Relevant and attractive digital experience through increased digitalization and data-based, intelligent possibilities

IDA is the place for debate, idea development and opinions when it comes to knowledge and technology. Their members therefore also constitute the core of their digital vision: IDA wants to meet their members needs even better and increasingly digitalize their services and workflow.


  • IDA wants to create a coherent, relevant and attractive digital experience that ties together their services, network, communication and products.
  • IDA furthermore wants to offer their individual members a relevant range of services by utilizing the large knowledge database that exists among the users. By leveraging the benefits of new, innovative digital services and data-based intelligent possibilities IDA wants to create ideal opportunities for interaction and thus connect their members even better.



  • Novataris has helped IDA develop a brand-new version of in order to bring together their two digital platforms on one common technology and on one unified domain, so that IDA can meet their members’ needs with a coherent and optimized digital experience.
  • In the process of realizing parts of IDA’s strategy, Novataris has helped implement a new data platform that makes it easier for newsletter editors to utilize data and achieve insight into the users’ specific needs.


  • IDA now has a site built on modern web technology, ensuring their users a more consistent, transparent and attractive digital experience.
  • With their optimized data platform IDA now has a much better foundation for making data-driven decisions. This makes it easier for them to meet the needs of their members and offer every individual member relevant content and information about future events which could be interesting for them.
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"IDA now has a site built on modern web technology, ensuring their users a more consistent, transparent and attractive digital experience".


Novataris has helped IDA realize parts of their 2018-2020 strategy in several different areas

As part of IDA’s 2020 strategy, based on a complete understanding of each member and their needs and desires, Novataris has helped implement a new data platform as well as assisted in developing and optimizing their website.

  • Novataris has helped IDA implement a new tool that supports the editors’ task of selecting events for the many newsletters. 
    The new tool utilizes IDA’s new data platform, which Novataris has conducted architecture review on and helped implement. Six new, specialized dashboards provide newsletter editors with a quick overview of previous newsletter that has already been sent. This means that they can now easily achieve information of which events that should be exposed. Thus, IDA has a much greater opportunity to make data-driven decisions and present their members with relevant information.
  • Novataris has contributed with development of IDA’s new website that has to be rebuild on modern technology.
    The two previous digital platforms are now built on a common technology and on one unified domain, ensuring the members a faster, more transparent and user-friendly experience. IDA has been responsible for running the process, and it was important that Novataris could join the collaboration smoothly across the many different, and already established, teams Furthermore quick delivery was vital for the project in order to comply with a tight schedule and the many tasks in each sprint.

One of IDA’s strong communications channels is newsletters to their many members

IDA is an interest organization and trade union for engineers, MSc, IT professionals and other highly educated people who work with technology and science. 

IDA plays a major role in preparing their members for an attractive work life and communicates on many different channels of communication in order to reach their large professional community. With their physical and digital universe, they continuously present their members with relevant information, services and offers.

One of IDA’s strong communication channels are their 140 different newsletters, which make up over 15 million unique emails per year, sent to over 120,000 members. These newsletters include, among other things, articles of various technical subjects, but they particularly inform members of the events IDA offers around the country.

A vision to utilize data and digitalize services and work processes

IDA is a strong community with their huge number of unique members. IDA therefore wants to utilize this and connect their members even further. An essential element of their 2018-2020 strategy is therefore to create data-driven, intelligent decisions and opportunities for their members to interact with each other, personally and digitally. At the same time, they want to activate and utilize the large knowledge database that exists among the members through member-to-member consulting and knowledge sharing.