6. December 2021

Novataris Receives Two Business Awards and a Nomination as Entrepreneur of The Year 2021

The year is coming to an end. Novataris can look back on a 2021 where we celebrated winning the Børsen Gazelle award for the third year in a row, being recognised as Success Company 2021 by BDO and Spar Nord, and being nominated for EY Entrepreneur of The Year 2021.

2021 was not only about exciting projects and new colleagues in Novataris, but also awards such as Børsen Gazelle 2021 and Success Company 2021 as well as a nomination for EY Entrepreneur of The Year 2021. We are incredibly honoured and proud to have received these accolades.

At the same time, it provides the perfect opportunity to appreciate our many good customers and business partners who have helped make it all possible. For most companies, choosing the IT partner to connect their business with the technology they cannot do without is a big decision. We know that. And that is why we are grateful for the trust out customers place in us - not only in 2021, but throughout our partnership.

We look forward to a 2022 that will allow us to continue the existing partnerships and launch new ones.

Børsen Gazelle 2021

For the third year in a row, Novataris has been named Børsen Gazelle, which pays tribute to the top performers in the Danish business community. The gazelle companies are selected across industries, genres, and sizes in the country's five regions. The criteria for being named Børsen Gazelle is clear: Over a period of four financial years, the company's revenue or gross profit must more than double, with positive growth rates all the years.

"When the Covid-19 crisis hit, the country's companies faced serious headwinds. While many companies slowed down, this year's gazelles ran on - they adjusted and managed to continue their growth journey" - Danish newspaper Børsen

BDO and Spar Nord's Success Company 2021

Novataris received the business award Success Company 2021 from BDO and Spar Nord. The award recognises the country's 1.000 successful companies - small and medium-sized enterprises that deliver strong financial results and high growth year after year. The selection of the winning companies is based on the number of employees and three key ratios: profit before tax, equity and solvency.

"The business award […] pays tribute to a very special elite of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Danish business community. It is the 200 companies in each of the country's regions that make a special contribution to growth and prosperity in the local areas and to the Danish economy as a whole." - Spar Nord & BDO

EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2021

Novataris was nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year - a growth creator competition that takes place regionally, nationally, and internationally, and which pays tribute to entrepreneurs who build and run successful and dynamic companies. The competition not only takes into account financial growth but also values, leadership, and social commitment.

"We are always looking for the growth creators who have the courage to think big, break down barriers and realise their goals to create a better world." - EY