Novataris has delivered a modern front-end architecture for 3

Headless CMS Based on Contentful

3 launches the foundation of their new digital strategy and expands their market reach with tech and accessories products nationwide.


Modern front-end architecture

Best-of-breed solution

Headless CMS


Azure Kubernetes Service

As part of 3’s digital business vision of attaining a superior and consistent user experience across all channels, Novataris has helped realise their goal of increasing their market reach.

3 has transformed their business model by expanding their accessories shop, allowing customers who are not already a subscriber to buy everything from headphones, covers and gaming equipment to smart watches and straps.

The new business strategy thus enables 3 to sell accessories to all consumers and not only existing customers.

Novataris has delivered a state-of-the-art front-end and helped 3 achieve a solution based on cutting-edge technology that fits 3’s specific needs. Instead of an old traditional CMS, with all the challenges that follows, 3 now has a best-of-breed solution that is based on carefully selected technologies.

In this process, 3 has attained a technological boost that constitutes the foundation of their new digital strategy, helping 3 to maintain a great customer experience as well as their position as a frontrunner in the telecommunications market.

The front-end architecture is based on, amongst others, React, Contentful, and Node JS with hosting on Azure Kubernetes Service. This creates big flexibility in the work with content and new functionality as well as in the process of launching this.

Rolling deploy, zero downtime releases and fully automated testing enable short release cycles and fast time-to-market. This means that 3 is now able to put new functions into production in record time. The short response time strengthens 3 as a company as they can react to market changes and business decisions faster than ever.

About 3:

3 is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Denmark and with a determination to succeed, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of digital standards within the industry.

This drive, a constant focus on challenging the market as well as a mission to exceed expectations of their loyal and constantly growing customer base, have all contributed to establish 3 as a frontrunner within the digital world.


3 needed to upgrade to a best-of-breed strategy in order to ensure a strong technical foundation and thereby a unified customer experience across all channels, an exceptionally high performance on their website and increase their development efficiency significantly.

As part of their digital vision, 3 wanted to reach a larger consumer market through an updated online shop that enables customers without subscription to purchase accessories products.

The large product catalogue along with the complex nature of e-commerce in the telecommunications industry creates some high demands when it comes to the front-end architecture.


3 is now able to sell accessories to customers without subscription with a product catalogue that goes beyond phones and data.

Novataris has delivered a modern front-end architecture and 3 now has a customised solution based on various tools that each excel in their respective areas and are carefully selected based on 3’s specific needs – the foundation of 3’s new digital strategy.

3 now has a CMS solution based on Contentful, the leading headless CMS for an exceptionally flexible architecture.


With 3’s new technological foundation and front-end architecture several barriers, that are otherwise often encountered within IT, have been removed.

3 now has an even stronger position in the market as the company is now able to sell their attractive products to far more customers.

3 can now respond even faster to market changes with their incredibly fast release cycles which have increased 3’s flexibility and quality of development considerably.

"E-commerce and digital services are an important part of 3's business, and for this reason, we put high demands on suppliers and partners with whom we collaborate. We chose Novataris because they humbly approach the task with a great understanding as well as experience within our industry which is relatively complex. Novataris knows hardcore technology, and simultaneously they have familiarised themselves with our business, and that is crucial to us."

Morten Storm Lind, Head of Digital, 3 Denmark


3 is now able to sell accessories to all consumers and not only existing customers

3 has attained a technological boost that helps 3 to maintain a great customer experience

3 can now react to market changes and business decisions faster than ever