Integration of Streaming Services in Optimizely CMS

CBB can now offer streaming services via mobile subscriptions, which can easily be scaled up to a future entertainment universe.







CBB wanted to offer their customers the ability to purchase streaming services alongside their mobile subscriptions. Because CBB works according to the mantra ”ærligt, kærligt og uden bøvl” (honestly, lovingly and without fuss) in everything they do, they wanted to offer their current and future customers a more flexible solution than what is normally found on the market.

They did not want to lock their customers into a fixed package of services, which can divert their minds to old-fashioned package solutions from flow TV. On the other hand, they wanted to have a sales solution that would allow their customers to continuously subscribe to and unsubscribe from services at will.

With CBB MIX, Novataris has helped CBB develop a service which allows monthly subscription services to be sold alongside customers' mobile subscriptions in all CBB's sales channels, both physical and online. Novataris has helped ensure that the technical solution is as easy as possible to build on in the future.

In developing the user interface on CBB's website, the focus throughout the process was on “mobile first”. About 80% of visitors to CBB's website visit the site from their mobile phone and, therefore, the mobile experience must be good.

Just before the project was launched, CBB chose to change the way they work with projects. They now work in (work) streams. A stream is an interdisciplinary group that works with a single focus, in this case, CBB MIX. This is done to ensure a more agile workflow and to ensure that the solution is improved in the future. Novataris has helped facilitate the agile approach.

About CBB

CBB Mobil is a telecommunications company that sells mobile telephony and mobile broadband subscriptions to private customers in Denmark.

CBB focuses on offering good, low-cost subscriptions and doing it honestly, lovingly and without fuss. The focus is that subscriptions and prices are transparent and that there is nothing in the fine print.

CBB is proud to have Denmark's most satisfied and loyal customers. For the past four years in a row (2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023) and in 2014 and 2017, they have been awarded the Loyalty Award in the Industry Index Mobile survey conducted by Loyalty Group International.


CBB wanted to open up opportunities for selling streaming services alongside their mobile subscriptions to both new and existing customers.

CBB wanted a solution that would allow CBB MIX to be sold across all of their five sales channels, while at the same time allowing them to switch the sale of streaming services on and off in individual sales channels. The solution had to live up to CBB's mantra “honestly, lovingly and without fuss.” Therefore, the solution did not have to complicate existing purchasing flows and business rules unnecessarily.


CBB's website runs on a C# backend and an AngularJS frontend with Optimizely as the CMS. The backend of the website communicates with a number of APIs, which are exhibited by CBB's own backend system, BSS (Business Support System), which is responsible for all the back-end processing of CBB's customers. It is also at BSS that integrations for the services sold in CBB MIX reside.

In the backend of the website, a service has been added that exhibits an API, which is responsible for all operations that have anything to do with CBB MIX. This service communicates, through an API, directly with a CBB MIX service introduced at BSS.

At the front end, it is possible to sell CBB MIX both physically and online in all CBB's sales channels.


CBB Mobil now has the most flexible solution on the market for their customers, where they can purchase streaming and media services alongside their mobile subscription. Customers can switch between the services offered as they please. They don't get locked into a fixed package of services.

Because work is agile in a multidisciplinary workstream focusing only on CBB MIX and because the technical solution has been developed with that in mind, CBB can now add a new service to CBB MIX within a month when they enter into new agreements.

Customers who are enrolled in CBB MIX have lower churn than customers who are not. Thus, CBB MIX helps CBB with their customer retention in a competitive market.

“With Novataris' expertise, CBB has created the most flexible solution on the market, CBB MIX, which combines mobile subscriptions with streaming services. This solution is built according to our mantra: 'honestly, lovingly and without fuss'. Novataris' solution ensures that we can easily scale and expand the product in the future.”

Andreas Damtoft Jacobsen, Head of Product and CX