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Novataris has delivered significant improvements to COACH Online, the customer platform of COACH Solutions.

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Coach Solutions are now able to constantly adapt to the needs of their customers and the changing market


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Novataris has delivered significant improvements to COACH Online, the customer platform of COACH Solutions. COACH Solutions is a vessel performance analysis company, dedicated to providing customers with the greatest value at the lowest cost. The solution is based upon Power BI Embedded linked to a robust, lightweight data model. This enables COACH Solutions to meet and exceed the needs of their customers and create stunning, interactive visuals, cementing their role as an industry leader in innovation.

Novataris worked in close collaboration with COACH Solutions’ performance analysts and in-house team, to revolutionise the existing reporting platform.

Emphasis was placed upon agile, flexible development as well as constant, open communication, to ensure that all customer needs, not only COACH Solutions’, but also those of their customers, were fulfilled.

COACH Solutions’ new reporting platform delivers numerous business benefits:

The fully-interactive experience allows COACH Solutions’ customers to better utilise data, both in terms of ease of access and depth of insight, allowing for improved decision-making, thereby increasing the added value of COACH Online.

The solution is fully integrated with the existing platform, allowing customers access to both existing and new content in one place, avoiding confusion and yielding an intuitive customer experience.

COACH can now more efficiently allocate and utilise resources. Performance analysts can personally create and deploy new reports for customers, allowing for direct application of their expert knowledge, and freeing up programming resources for product improvements.

Consolidation of data into one unified model, and implementation of Power BI Embedded, provides COACH with a powerful, cutting-edge extensible platform, that will allow them to easily expand and adapt to meet the needs of the ever-growing marketplace.

About COACH Solutions:

COACH Solutions offers monitoring and analysis services to shipping companies, to assist in optimising the performance of the fleet. Their primary focus is on delivering a high-quality product that is adaptable to specific client needs, while simultaneously remaining competitive on cost.

Due to the customer-oriented nature of their business model, COACH Solutions is constantly looking for ways to utilise new technology to achieve the goal of delivering services customised to the wants and needs of the marketplace. As such, COACH Solutions sought to use cutting-edge technology to provide their customers with improved, in-depth analysis and at the same time increase their speed of development, allowing them to react quicker to changes in customer demand.


The old solution was sensitive to long development cycles and limited in its scope of data interactivity.

Increasing customer demand for deeper data insight prompted COACH Solutions to look for ways of yielding unfettered access to data, in both breadth and depth.

The new solution should allow users to freely explore their data through visualisations, while providing analysts with an intuitive, expedient, and modular development tool.


COACH Solutions’ new solution provides a comprehensive, streamlined data model connected to Power BI Embedded, seamlessly integrated into their existing infrastructure.

Customers now have access to the newest data and insight into their performance.


Customers are now way more informed due to the opportunity to explore data. This also means that they are able to make quicker and better decisions for their fleet, improving their bottom line and increasing their satisfaction with COACH’s product.

COACH are additionally utilising their resources better – Performance analysts can create content directly, eliminating the needs for specialised programmers and decreasing the time-to-market for new reports.

COACH Solutions Want to Give Their Customers Free Access to Data

Even though the existing solution, provided an effective tool for performance analysis, it had significant limitations: long development cycles, limitations to data insight and long load time. With consideration to COACH Solutions’ current success and constant increase in customers, these issues would only
increase in severity.

The new solution, integrated to COACH Online, consists of Power BI Embedded together with an improved data model. Cadence of development is significantly increased, providing COACH Solutions with increased flexibility.


“The most important thing for COACH Solutions is to ensure the most value for our customers. Novataris has helped us realise that vision by providing powerful improvements to our BI toolbox”

Anders Bruun, CEO


Customers are more well informed than ever before

Coach Solutions are utilising their resources more effectively

Rapid access to fresh data and information regarding performance