Novataris has delivered a data platform that offers self-service BI

Data Platform Based on Microsoft SQL Server and Azure DevOps

IDA is accelerating its 2025 vision and introducing a new data platform that enables self-service BI across the organisation and increases relevance for members.


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In close collaboration with IDA’s BI team, Novataris has delivered a data platform that offers self-service BI analysis for the organisation’s employees. The data platform is one of several major initiatives in IDA’s 2025 vision to realise the potential of technology and knowledge, thus increasing relevance for members.

With over 140,000 members, IDA processes large amounts of complex data, spread over various source systems. In the past, this meant that data extraction and analysis had to be done almost exclusively by specialists and external developers.

With IDA’s new data platform, data is collected and transformed so that it can be analysed across the source systems and IDA’s departments. This is done using logic that is tailored to the organisation’s specific needs and considers their business rules for data use.

The processed data is subsequently used to build data models for each of IDA’s business areas.

The solution thereby gives IDA’s employees access to correct, easily analysable data and allows a greater number of employees, not only specialists, to build reporting and ad hoc analysis.

This boosts the efficiency of IDA’s internal data analysis process, which was previously characterised by waiting times and the need to involve more resources.

IDA can now use data widely and take control of the way they utilise data to create optimal content and even better service for their members.

Along the way, the project has had a strong focus on co-creation with IDA’s BI team, and at the end of the process, Novataris has delivered CI/CD methodology and provided documentation, process support and knowledge transfer. This ensures flexible future development and allows IDA to take full ownership of the solution.

About IDA:

IDA is an interest organisation and trade union for engineers, MScs, IT graduates and other highly educated people who work with technology and natural sciences.

IDA has over 140,000 members, and the organisation plays a major role in preparing their members for an attractive work life. With their physical and digital universe, they present their members with a strong professional network, legal advice, political advocacy, in addition to other relevant services and offers.


IDA is currently Denmark’s largest interest organisation and trade union for technology, IT and natural sciences. In order to maintain this position, data and member insight are business-critical.

The organisation’s data is spread across several different source systems, which previously hindered cross-functional and effective data analysis.

At the same time, different business logics in the source systems had made data analysis a time-consuming process that placed substantial demands on the employee’s specialist knowledge and understanding of the incoming data.

Therefore, IDA needed a new data platform that would enable self-service BI for employees in various departments as well as analysis across the organisation.


IDA’s data platform is based on the Microsoft SQL Server stack, Azure DevOps and Octopus Deploy.

Using the Microsoft SQL Server stack, data is collected from the various source systems. Here, changes in data are registered daily and history is stored.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services is used to transform data via logic that is adapted to IDA’s needs and business rules for data use.

The platform exhibits data via multidimensional data models – tabular cubes – which present data in a uniform way across business areas. This means that IDA’s employees can easily and efficiently analyse data through tools such as Power BI and Microsoft Excel.


IDA now has a data platform that has been developed specifically for their needs, which makes it possible to collect and analyse data across business areas.

Self-service BI allows many more of IDA’s employees than previously to extract and analyse data. It increases the efficiency of the organisation’s internal data analysis processes.

Through fast, insightful analyses, IDA can make optimal use of data to realise their 2025 vision and further increase relevance and satisfaction for members. This makes IDA an even better association for their over 140,000 members and strengthens their ability to attract new members.

IDA now has a solution where the consistent focus on co-creation and documentation ensures that IDA can take full ownership of the solution.

"Novataris is a partner we fully trust and who contributes technical knowledge at a very high level. The strong focus on co-creation throughout the process has been decisive in creating a data platform that makes it even easier for us to put the member in focus."

Babara Gammelgaard, Group Leader


IDA has gotten a data platform that is one of the initiatives for their 2025 vision.

On the new data platform, data can be analysed across source systems and departments.

The new data platform increases the efficiency of internal data analysis processes.