Novataris has delivered a B2B platform to Fibia enabling wholesale

Wholesale Platform for B2B Built on a REST API Platform

With a new B2B platform, Fibia is expanding its business into new territory and entering the wholesale market.




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Novataris has supplied a B2B platform that enables network capacity sales for Fibia and their partners, thus realising Fibia’s mission to expand their business into the wholesale market.

Fibia’s B2B solution is based on a complex contract system where service providers and network owners can conclude individual agreements for renting fibre network connections.

Under the contract system, service providers can only sell services via networks owned by the network owners they have agreements with. This ensures that the platform fully complies with the industry’s tough competition regulations.

The system is built on a REST API platform, which transforms and uniforms data from the various network owners. This is done by using one uniform data model based on guidelines from the global telecommunications industry organisation TM Forum.

The well-structured API provides Fibia with an attractive B2B product that makes it extremely easy for service providers and network owners to adopt the platform. In just a few months the solution was already growing with a sharply increasing curve.

The solution was developed with a focus on safety and robustness, allowing Fibia’s platform and their partners’ underlying systems to operate smoothly during peak periods. This is ensured, for instance, by running multiple instances of the solution’s components across different servers, which distributes system loads.

Fibia now has a platform with high uptime and fast response times that allows them to deliver a smooth user experience. Over a six-month period in 2021, Fibia had impressive performance with an uptime of 99.996%, while the average time for order placement was 0.925 seconds.

The solution includes full performance monitoring and automatic alarms. Novataris can now respond proactively to prevent and address critical system failures and ensure that Fibia is always one step ahead of future challenges.

Finally, Novataris has provided a B2B self-service portal so that all wholesale customers can connect directly to the platform without needing to integrate to the solution’s API.

With a strong self-service portal and a well-structured API, new customer barriers have been reduced to a minimum, giving Fibia’s B2B business a strong platform for future growth.

About Fibia:

Fibre company Fibia is owned by NRGi (one of Denmark’s largest energy companies, with more than 1,100 employees and just over 210,000 shareholders) and ANDEL (Denmark’s largest cooperative energy and fibre network group with 400,000 customers and shareholders). Fibia is among Denmark’s largest companies and has installed fibre networks on large parts of Zealand, the islands, and Eastern Jutland. The company supplies fibre networks to more than 550,000 households and businesses and has over 250,000 customers.


Fibia wanted to expand into the wholesale market as part of their strategy for future growth. They envisaged a B2B solution that would enable the sale of network capacity, both for Fibia and their strategic partners.

Fibia needed a solution with a high level of security and robustness that would allow Fibia’s platform and its many collaborators’ underlying systems to run smoothly.

At the same time, Fibia wanted the lowest possible barrier to potential new B2B customers. It placed stringent demands on a platform that was easy and fast for new wholesale customers to connect to.


Fibia now has a B2B platform that enables the company and their partners to offer their network on a wholesale basis.

The solution is based on a complex contract system and built on a REST API platform that transforms and uniforms data from the different network owners based on one uniform data model.

The platform integrates to Fibia’s Enterprise Service Bus so its security and robustness is maximised. The platform offers a wide range of advantages such as high uptime, fast response times and centralised performance monitoring.

Finally, Novataris has provided the B2B self-service portal so that new wholesale customers can choose to start using the platform immediately. Built on the leading headless CMS Contentful, the portal is designed with Fluent UI – a graphical Microsoft framework that draws on design elements from Microsoft Office and creates an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.


Fibia has gained a B2B solution that realises the company’s desire to expand into the wholesale market and capture new markets.

With a high level of safety and robustness, Fibia has an attractive B2B solution where all integrated systems run smoothly and reinforce positive customer experience, even during peak periods.

Centralised monitoring allows Fibia to operate their B2B business worry-free, knowing that Novataris continuously prevents critical errors and performance issues.

Fibia now has a B2B business that is easy to scale, as the well-structured API combined with the built-in self-service portal makes it very easy for new customers to adopt the platform.

"With the delivery of our wholesale platform, Novataris has been a critical partner in opening Fibia’s network to other service providers. Throughout the course of the project, Novataris has demonstrated their high technical understanding supported by crucial advisory services that have ensured Fibia receives a best-practice platform that creates effective reliable processes for Fibia’s wholesale customers."

Hanne Elkjær, IT Manager


Fibia can now expand to wholesale

Over a period of 6 months, Fibia had an uptime of 99.996%

During the same period, the average time to place an order was 0.925 seconds