Novataris has delivered a new web module to CBB and helped them to enable sales in physical stores

Web Module for Retail Based on Optimizely

Novataris has helped CBB find their way to retail


Web module


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CBB Mobil has previously focused exclusively on digital sales but has now initiated a new collaboration with the electronics chain, Power. This means that CBB’s subscriptions are now for sale in physical stores as well.

With the extension of CBB’s business they needed an extra module to enable Power’s internal employees to sell CBB subscriptions in the stores. CBB has previously worked with projects of similar size and has usually spent significantly more time than the deadline for the given project allowed. This resulted in a strong need for close and smooth collaboration between Novataris, CBB and Power as well as effective project planning and priority of tasks.

Web module:

• Novataris decided to create the solution as a web module and used the underlying functionality in the already existing customer service module, which Novataris has previously developed for CBB.
• The module is built on Episerver CMS with Episerver Commerce to handle payment and orders.
• The module furthermore needed to be efficient and simultaneously very user-friendly. Therefore, it is developed with focus on simplicity where only the most important things are highlighted.

Parallel work:

• In order to develop the module in alignment with CBB’s guidelines and overall brand, parallel work was necessary in terms of texts, legal requirements, design, code, ‘Point of Sale’ material etc.

Agile method:

• To ensure that the hard deadline was met and that the new system was well implemented and tested, it was important that Novataris smoothly and effectively became part of the daily work and processes at CBB. An agile mindset as well as close collaboration with the key resources in CBB’s online department and the employees of Power’s stores thus resulted in an efficient process and planning process.


• Using Novataris’ standard method based on Kanban/Scrum, the project managed to meet the deadline. The system was launched in Power’s 16 stores in time for the employees to receive an in-depth training before Black Friday.

About CBB:

CBB is leading Danish online mobile and broadband operator with the goal to provide easy-to-understand communication products with full transparency. CBB refers to this as ‘honest mobile service’. With great customer service, excellent network coverage and highly competitive prices they have some of the most satisfied customers in the industry.

CBB has previously focused exclusively on digital sales channels and their online universe has been a big success. Now it is also possible to find CBB’s products on the shelves in several warehouses across the Denmark. CBB has started a collaboration with the electronics company Power and is therefore now also able to meet the needs of those customers who prefer to buy mobile subscriptions in physical stores.


CBB’s new strategy of including sales in physical stores required development of an extra module optimised to Power’s specific needs.

The module needs to support and enable sales of subscriptions in Power’s stores to both new and existing customers.

CBB needed the solution to be developed, tested and implemented before Black Friday, which caused a very tight schedule of only 6 weeks.


The employees of Power now have a system that is specifically developed to sell CBB’s subscriptions to the stores’ costumers – new as well as existing.

The module is built on Episerver CMS, while Episerver Commerce has been used to handle payment and orders.

With an agile mindset, constant interaction and effective collaboration with CBB, Novataris succeeded in developing, implementing and testing the solution before the deadline and thereby be ready to sell on Black Friday.


With the new web module Novataris has helped CBB realise their ambition of reaching a new customer segment by selling subscriptions in physical stores.

This means that their market share can increase significantly, and CBB have already had great success selling subscriptions through their new system.

The frontend is designed with big attention to create efficient and simple navigation for the users and has received a lot of positive feedback from Power’s employees.

"The employees in the Power shops now have a system that is specifically developed to sell CBB’s subscriptions to the stores’ costumers – new as well as existing."


CBB is now able to sell their subscriptions in physical stores

CBB can now reach a new customer segment in the market

The frontend of CBB's new web module is designed with a focus on an efficient navigation for Power's employees