An open source CMS focusing on speed, agility and flexibility

Drupal is a digital experience management system to drive web content and multichannel, personalized experiences that help your organization connect with users, customers, and visitors, wherever they are.

Drupal enables marketers and editors to truly focus on the user experience

With a solution based on Drupal, you will have a flexible platform where your marketers and editors can truly focus on the user experience.

Drupal offers limitless potential with native features and module extensions - it is a platform for the next disruptive technology, without disruption to your business.

Features of Drupal

Web content management:
The platform is very intuitive and allows you to build complex websites rapidly. Basic building blocks in a module-style format makes it easy to manage your different content types and enables you to get exactly the structure that you want.

At its core, Drupal is easy to extend and customize by adding custom plugins. There’s also a wide array of integrations to other platforms, as well as templates and themes.

Digital commerce:
Drupal Commerce module provides a powerful e-commerce engine, allowing you to maintain complex product catalogs, categories, and sites. Essential reports are included in the out-of-the-box features and can be customized. There is an advanced reports dashboard showing all relevant KPIs.

Multi-language support:
Drupal provides a complete content translation workflow which allows you to talk directly to your customers.


Benefits of Drupal

Possibility for advanced integrations:
The Drupal platform can be used to build solutions with advanced integrations and fulfill all your visions.

Scales with your business and brand:
Drupal is suitable for both smaller solutions and high traffic sites, and will scale with your business and your brand.

Open source community:
It is influenced by constant development from its open source community, and is characterized by continuous digital innovation, speed and scalability.

Opportunity for omni channel:
You can easily connect to your viewers by means of network integration and create a strong omni channel solution, providing customers with a seamless experience across all channels.