CMS, Commerce, & Marketing in one Digital Platform

Episerver is a leading platform for digital transformation. With the integration of CMS, commerce and marketing in one system, it is designed for a wider array of digital professionals. The Episerver platform provides a fully customizable user interface, offering all the necessary tools to easily manage content, create and personalize your multichannel campaigns, and to deliver an outstanding e-commerce experience.

Web Content Management:

Episerver CMS is a powerful web content management platform based on cutting edge technology. Named as leader in both Gartner and Forrester Wave reports for WCM,  Episerver stands out for its ease of use, which enables the marketing department to focus on what really matters, and not lose time with technical limitations.


Features of Episerver

Digital Commerce:
The commerce part of Episerver lets you create and deploy a flexible commerce website with engaging content to highlight products. With Episerver commerce, you can easily take control of the customer experience. It is easy to create personalized recommendations and targeted offers to increase customer satisfaction. Positioned as the only challenger in the latest Gartner report, Episerver’s investment in a platform that blurs the line between normal content and commerce is a game changer.

Digital Marketing:
With a consistent and intuitive user interface, the entire digital marketing chain is supported in Episerver, from creating the marketing message for different distribution channels and landing pages, to the actual launch and follow-up of your campaigns. You can easily preview campaigns and components prior to launch and schedule the entire campaign launch to a set time

Automated Personalization:
Extensive personalization based on advanced market-related visitor groups enables you to create a truly engaging digital experience. The ever-increasing automation means that it’s now faster and easier than ever before.

Multi-language support:
There is an easy-to-use interface for translating content across all your operational languages and providing fallback content, if needed.

Multi-site management:
You can manage all your sites, markets and customer-experiences from one unified interface.

Benefits of Episerver

Not just a CMS:
Episerver is designed for the entire digital team including marketers, e-commerce managers and senior stakeholders.

Despite Episerver’s many features, the platform is very user friendly for editors and requires minimum training. This empowers your marketing department to do much more than with other platforms.

Possibility for omnichannel:
The platform enables a seamless unified omni-channel retail experience, including online, in-store, and mobile shopping.

Great Performance:
The robust content caching engine will manage caching across the web servers, minimizing the amount of communication with the database and providing lightning-fast page renders. Studies show that it’s imperative to have high performance if your goal is high conversion rate.


Novataris is Episerver Premium Solution Partner

Novataris is a Premium Solution Partner due to our consultants´ experience and expertise within the field of developing successful, efficient and scalable Episerver solutions that fully integrate with our customers’ business systems and reduce costs. Using Episerver, we create truly engaging digital experiences for your users, simplifying the customer experience.