One of the most well-established and flexible commerce platforms

Magento is the most popular commerce platform in the world, with more than 250,000 merchants around the globe selling more and driving innovation. Magento is an open-source system, built specifically with sales in mind.

An ideal platform for sales 

The platform is ideal for sales and empowers you to control the look, content and functionality of your site.

It is a “Leader” in the Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, meaning that it has some of the best features when it comes to creating a user-friendly, online store.

 It is optimized for mobile and offers a variety of tools to administrate marketing and for catalogue management.

Features of Magento

Advanced e-commerce: Magento has a very advanced solution for e-commerce, including opportunity for custom coupons, promotional and tiered pricing, product recommendations, and more, making it easy for you to improve your online presence.

Content management: Over the past years, Magento has invested heavily in strengthening the content management offering. There is now built in support for Acquia, the enterprise Drupal engine, to deliver truly amazing content management capabilities.

Multi-store management: Magento enables management of multiple stores through one single admin panel with opportunity for different languages and unique product catalogues per region. 

Personalization: Magento enables truly unique and personalized experiences for your customers. Purchase history and online behavior influence the promotion, content and recommendations of products.

Customizable: There is an enormous amount of extensions and themes available. For almost any other system, there’s a built-in extension easily added from the Magento Marketplace with battle-proven integration.

SEO friendly: The Enterprise Edition of Magento is designed with search-engine-optimization (SEO) friendly features. With this feature, the e-commerce site is better optimized and you can efficiently manage page traffic, indexing, and landing pages.

Benefits of Magento

Mobile ready:
The platform uses a responsive design to ensure that your website is seamlessly viewable on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

A powerful platform:
Magento is a very powerful platform that scales up with your business. It can handle any order volume and can manage hundreds of thousands of individual products.

User friendly:
Magento makes it easy for you to add new products and edit your website due to a very straightforward content management interface.

Easy integration:
With Magento you can easily integrate your e-commerce experience with PayPal, Mail Chimp, Google Shopping, QuickBooks, and so on. You are further empowered to integrate your site with third party integration, such as Google Analytics to add data analytics.

The Magento platform is designed to be completely scalable, and therefore suitable for companies of various sizes. It has two different editions; Community and Enterprise—to accommodate both small and large businesses. This means that you can easily grow your business from being a start-up to medium, and large-size, without having to change your commerce platform.