A global leader in Experience Management Software

Sitecore is a leader in customer experience management, providing an enterprise-ready content management system (CMS) that enables you to design your website in accordance with customer expectations and react to their interactions.

Sitecore integrates content, data and commerce in one solution

Sitecore is based on .NET and is suitable for mid-sized to large-scale websites. The platform integrates content, data and commerce in one solution, which makes it easy to administrate your website and focus on the entire customer experience, along with your multichannel marketing.
Sitecore provides a strong foundation for delivering relevant experiences with results across all channels and drive meaningful interactions with your customers. 

Features of Sitecore

Web content management: Sitecore is an enterprise product, featuring all elements found in a traditional CMS platform and powerful customizable configurations available; it is possible for you to achieve a tailored solution that fits your specific needs. With a broad architecture and a powerful user interface, designed with the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Word, it is easy and intuitive for anyone to use.

Digital commerce: Sitecore commerce offers a strong platform for product and catalogue management, and you can easily test, personalize and automate the shopping experience by showing just the right products and motivate your customers to shop.

Real-time analytics for greater insight: Sitecore’s built-in analytics program offers a strong tool to understand your customers and the way they interact with your brand. This means that you can gain high quality data about your customers’ level of engagement and create in-depth analytics to measure the success of your campaigns, the traffic on your site and your customer’s behavior. This is automatically stored, making it easy for you to determine the best strategy to move forward.

Context marketing: Your website needs to reflect every single one of your customers’ interactions with your brand - there is a high need for context marketing. Sitecore’s Experience Management platform allows you to create contextual marketing and provide your customers with the right information based on their previous and current interactions.

Multi-language support: Sitecore offers multi-lingual services, which allows your administrators and editors to work in their native languages with easy integration with external translation. This provides for a seamless number of different languages.

Multi-site Management: You can manage multiple domains and sub-sites with one Sitecore license.

Benefits of Sitecore

One solution for all your channels:
Sitecore makes it easy for you to distribute your content across any channel by automatically formatting your content to conform to any output format to suit any of your users’ devices.

Update content easily from any device:
With Sitecore’s device detection module you can optimize your web content from different devices, which enables you to edit, preview, and approve content prior to publishing.

Easy integration:
Sitecore allows integration with third parties and it is easy to integrate external modules such as forums, newsletters, social medias, blogs etc.

With Sitecore, we can help you provide your customers with a coherent experience across all your channels of communication, and connect on a superior level by making it easy for them to move from one channel to the next. Omnichannel automation in Sitecore® Experience Platform makes it possible for you to interact in real time and automate content depending on your customers’ current engagement with your brand.

High scalability:
Sitecore has extensive scalability options and supports large and powerful websites across servers.