Umbraco is a fully-featured, open source Content Management System

With Umbraco you get a framework that is the perfect CMS for both low and high complexity projects. This CMS offers a high level of flexibility which enables you to take fully control of your website.

An open source platform with Top functionality, scalability and flexibility

Umbraco is an ASP.NET-based open source content management system (CMS), recognized worldwide for its high level of functionality, flexibility and award-winning integration capabilities. The platform provides a strong framework for building the exact solution you need with unlimited customizability.

Features of Umbraco

With customizable editing and content creation tools, you will have a flexible and user-friendly foundation to manage your site.

Multi-site management:
With a solution built on Umbraco, it is possible to create independent websites in the same solution.

Multi-language capabilities:
Umbraco uses one site structure per language and is a good choice if you need a solution with multiple languages.

SEO friendly features:
The Umbraco platform is search engine friendly and your SEO specialists can embark on this right away to make your business grow even more.


Benefits of Umbraco

User friendly:
Umbraco’s many different features are very easy to use and do not require extensive technical skills. The structure makes it easy and intuitive for you to build your website and produce a unique content flow. Editors have as little or as much freedom as they need. It is easy for you to return to a previous version of your website if you regret the changes you made.

Open source community:
As an open source platform, Umbraco is strongly supported by an active community of users, where developers constantly contribute new functions.

No licenses:
As an open source CMS, Umbraco has no license fee.

High scalability:
Umbraco is known for being a very scalable platform that is suitable for both small websites and larger, more advanced digital solutions with complex integrations.

Mobile responsive user interface:
The Umbraco interface is fully responsive with support for tablets and mobiles.

A flexible Platform:
Development in Umbraco is fast, as it is based on some of the newest technology.

Easy integration:
Umbraco is written in C# and deployed on the Microsoft platform, and therefore works effectively with almost any Microsoft product, as well as almost any other platform.