Power BI

The top ranked data and visualization tool according to Gartner Report

As a growing business, fast reporting capabilities and the ability to quickly visualize and analyze real time data is of extreme value, especially if you have complex data and a variety of sources. Power BI is an effective cloud-based analysis tool to create insightful and powerful analysis through visualized data-sets.


Connect to hundreds of data sources

The Power BI platform has quickly grown to an industry leader that can create significant benefits to any organization.
With Power BI, it is possible to connect to hundreds of data sources, whether it is hosted or in cloud.

It is possible to monitor all your data in one central solution. With easy visualization and analysis tools you can visualize your data in dashboards to quickly and easily create a complete overview of all relevant data in real-time and combine data from both internal systems and external sources into powerful models. 

This means that your business users can make improved decisions, cut costs and identify new opportunities based on key performance indicators from a single modern web portal.

Feautures of Power BI

Connect to all your data: 
You can connect to any data. Excel sheets, cloud services, on-premise databases, streaming data. Wherever your data is, Power BI can get to it and give you insight.

Powerful Analytics: 
With Power BI you have the ability to use vast array of built-in functionality and even write your own statistical analysis in R.

Easy to work with data:
There is a large library of interactive visualizations to make your data stand out. 

Benefits of Power BI

Advanced visualizations:
Microsoft Power BI is an efficient tool to create advanced visualizations of your data.

Reporting tools:
Gain deep insight into your business with interactive reports.

Utilization of cloud:
Power Bi is a Cloud service, which means that no servers are required.