One of the most powerful, real-time business intelligence and reporting tool

TARGIT offers visual data discovery tools, self-service business analytics, reporting, and dashboards in a single, integrated solution.

Transform your business with actionable insight

TARGIT is an especially strong platform when it comes to customers with enterprise needs.
We create solutions based on TARGIT, transforming your entire organization by revealing actionable insights for every user to make better and faster decisions.
TARGIT combines the control of a centralized BI solution with the flexibility of a decentralized solution with robust security and dependability.

Features of  Targit

BI to everyone:
The TARGIT platform has a vast range of deployment options that bring centralized BI to everyone in the organization.

Reporting tools:
Dashboards and reports continuously display the most important KPIs.

Self-service data discovery and access to insights from anywhere.

Benefits of TARGIT

Perform better by enabling more and faster data-driven decisions throughout your entire organization with real-time insight and automatic reporting.

With TARGIT you will have one cohesive BI platform instead of a range of individual tools.

TARGIT’s flexible solution design supports your business with BI tailored for every data source, infrastructure, and presentation preference.


TARGIT Partner

Novataris is proud to be partner with TARGIT. We have a two-digit number of employees certified on the TARGIT platform, ready to deliver great Business Intelligence solutions.