The intelligent API platform for digital business acceleration 

Apigee is a proven, scalable and recognized platform built for growth. Whether you are starting on a small project, aiming for a larger program or already have a big digital platform, Apigee’s provides a strong foundation for your digital future as well as licensing model that favors gentle beginnings. 

A strong platform to become truly digital

A digital transformation process often leads to the conclusion that a business cannot live up to its potential by relying on traditional channels. Products and services must be easily available, flexible and allow for new offer combinations for B2B and third parties. In a sense, easy access itself is a differentiator, that is often not easily achieved through a legacy stack. With Apigee you can expose, monetize and manage your APIs to the outside world, to offer your customers and partners a connected digital experience.

Apigee’s Backend-as-a-service approach provides an intelligent API platform in the cloud or on premise, that allows your business to secure, manage, analyze, revision and connect all your APIs.

Apigee makes it possible to unlock the value of your data and services by securely exposing backend systems at scale and manage the entire API life cycle. Apigee provides a strong platform to become a truly digital business and make it possible for developers to enable your offerings to their full potential through APIs.

Features of Apigee

Single point of API exposure for any API consumer, public, partner or otherwise.
A simple and elegant solution to modernizing and aligning your system landscape in regards to API exposure.

Monetization of APIs.
You can create pre-paid plans, post-paid plans, fixed-fee plans, variable rate plans, "freemium" plans and other custom plans for monetizing your APIs. 

Expose all or part of your legacy services as a modern interface to your clients. 
Use transformation and light-weight orchestration to expose all or part of your legacy services as a modern interface to your clients. Your legacy services can do the heavy lifting while Apigee presents services in an orderly and controlled fashion.

One-stop monitoring for all exposed APIs in your business.
Monitor and measure worldwide traffic including drill down to specific services on a dashboard or by integrating to Apigee’s monitoring API. Apigee also support setting alerts on critical endpoints so your operations department is notified the minute your service is out of SLA.

Manage the full life cycle.
Manage the full life cycle of an API from developing the API to publishing the specific revisions of a given API.

Once an API is in Apigee, a range of new options become available.
If your business ever contemplated to open API access to either a partner or public B2B or B2C, Apigee makes that part extremely easy to do on your own terms. You can have variations of APIs for specific audiences or give different groups access to the same API on different terms. Moreover, if you ever thought about making your API into a commercial product, the entire lifecycle around such a process is built right into the platform and can be realized with a few simple clicks.

Benefits of Apigee

A specialized and battle proven platform  for managing APIs
The first step when deciding to introducing a system such as Apigee lies in recognizing the functionality gap that Apigee cares for. If a business already has exposed API’s, it is common that this is fragmented across the system landscape, often with direct access to the source system, as well as a cloudy ownership of the services internally in the business. To better the management of this, there are two ways: Build it yourself or use a specialized platform. In here lies Apigee’s primary value-add as a specialized, robust and battle proven platform exactly for managing APIs.

Development in Apigee is fast!
Documentation, development and deployment has a very close relationship in Apigee. This shortens the feedback cycle developers need to be efficient and makes the design to implementation process fluent without downtime. You can have a fair sized Apigee solution running in production in just 100 hours.

The Apigee platform itself invites to a simple governance structure.
It’s very easy to communicate internally in a business that any solution seeking expose an API has to use Apigee. And even simpler to ensure that the policy is enforced.

Apigee licenses has a very fair pricing, meaning there’s a low risk in trying out this path.
An engagement grows with increased use and there is access to the full feature set from the get go. Simply put, you are not forced to go all-in, if you’re not sure this platform is for you. Simply trying it out is a good way to move from talk to action. 

You can go cloud or not, it’s up to you.
Apigee is powered by Amazon Web Services that provides a rock-solid infrastructure, almost impossible to beat on any parameter. You can spin up a cloud solution in minutes or have an Apigee farm deployed in your own datacenter with the same capabilities.