15 September 2020

Webinar: A Platform Change Can Boost Your SEO

With the right migration, it is easy to avoid losing traffic and hours of SEO work when you switch CMS platforms.

No, you do not have to kiss your strong SEO rankings and valuable traffic goodbye just because you are switching CMS platforms. A new site does not necessarily mean a painful slide down a red SEO curve. On the contrary, with a new platform, you can both preserve your existing SEO and even gain many new opportunities to improve your traffic – as long as you make sure the migration is done correctly.

(The video is in Danish)

In this webinar, we focus on a niche area that should not be underestimated: How a company can maintain its visibility and boost its SEO traffic with a new CMS platform. A company's software should ideally match its needs. As a natural consequence of growth and business development, many companies find that needs change over time and a platform change may be necessary at some point. Fortunately, there is no reason to fear such a change. We provide you with a solid knowledge base to ensure that the migration to a new platform is done right, as well as an overview of the SEO opportunities that a new platform can offer.

  • How to avoid falling into the SEO trap when switching platforms. With the right migration, it is easy to avoid losing traffic and hours of SEO work when you switch CMS platforms. We give you the necessary insight and describe how to maintain ranking on Google, so that your new modern webshop does not become a well-kept secret.

  • Boost SEO with a new platform: Learn how a new platform can give you greater technical control and the latest options to ensure even better Google rankings and optimum gain by switching to an enterprise CMS platform.


Mikael Nordgren is partner and CEO of Novataris, an IT consultancy that delivers tailored IT solutions based on a deep understanding of clients' business and unique needs as well as straightforward communication at eye level. Mikael is an expert in project management, technical architecture and creating a close and trusting relationship with customers. Over the years, he has successfully managed many complex and extensive IT projects for Telenor, Samsøe Samsøe, Homemate, SKAT, CBB, DR, etc.

Morten Dybdal is Director of Business Development at Novataris. His many years of experience in IT and business development make him an expert in helping companies get the full picture of their capabilities when it comes to leveraging technology to drive their business forward. Morten helps companies on a daily basis to consider scaling, finances, implementation, the right architecture, requirements and prioritisation of these and creates an overview so that business managers can make good decisions, even if the IT solutions being discussed are complex.