Novataris has increased the level of automation of Fibia's online sales and self-service

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With automated ordering flows, Fibia can now utilise their resources much better and provide the best possible service to their customers.



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In close cooperation with Fibia, Novataris has kick-started and carried out a long-term project to realise the company’s desire to increase the level of automation on their online platforms, and the self-service solution MitFibia.

Novataris has developed and delivered numerous ordering flows that automate new orders for fibre network and TV on both online platforms as well as product changes on MitFibia. This saves Fibia’s employees valuable time that was previously spent manually processing orders, and their workflow is now much more efficient.

Fibia’s order flows are defined according to the company’s own categorisations and needs, guaranteeing that they create optimal value specifically for Fibia’s business.

With the new automated flows, Fibia can process both new and existing customers’ orders faster and provide even better customer service.

The automation is made possible by a new integration between Fibia’s online platforms and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that Novataris previously developed for Fibia, which allows the company’s numerous systems to communicate. This means that there is now direct access from Fibia’s online platforms to its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which can automatically receive and process customer orders.

With the new integration, Fibia found in the month after go-live that over 90% of all orders were handled by the new order flows through the ERP system.

As part of the automation project, Novataris has upgraded the number of functions on MitFibia as well as the visual interface. Previously, Fibia’s existing customers previously had to place orders by phone or by emailing customer service, but they can now place orders directly in MitFibia.

Fibia now has a self-service portal with a high level of user-friendliness, where customers can easily, intuitively, and quickly perform their desired actions – from changing their fibre speed to purchasing attractive add-on products and switching between a wide range of TV packages.

About Fibia:

Fibre company Fibia is owned by NRGi (one of Denmark’s largest energy companies, with more than 1,100 employees and just over 210,000 shareholders) and ANDEL (Denmark’s largest cooperative energy and fibre network group with 400,000 customers and shareholders). Fibia is among Denmark’s largest companies and has installed fibre networks on large parts of Zealand, the islands, and Eastern Jutland. The company supplies fibre networks to more than 550,000 households and businesses and has over 250,000 customers.


To restructure resources and streamline work processes, Fibia needed a solution that would increase the level of automation on their online platforms and save their employees from performing time-consuming manual order processing.

The solution was also developed with the best possible user experience for Fibia’s customers in mind, specifically through an upgrade of the MitFibia self-service solution.


Fibia now has a solution that ensures a high degree of automation on the company’s online platforms, with the vast majority of new orders and product changes being handled by automated ordering flows.

The automation is achieved through a new integration between Fibia’s online solution and its Enterprise Service Bus, which allows orders from and MitFibia to be processed in the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Additionally, Fibia now has a fully upgraded self-service portal – MitFibia – offering far more features than before as well as a new user-friendly interface.

The platforms are based on Umbraco and built on a range of modern technologies, including C# and .NET for the solution’s backend and the JavaScript framework Vue for its frontend.


Fibia can utilise their resources better, as much of the time-consuming manual work has become automated.

The increased level of automation streamlines Fibia’s work processes, ensuring that they can consistently provide the best possible service to their customers.

With an upgraded self-service portal, Fibia can offer a sublime user experience to their existing customers, who can quickly perform their desired actions directly in MitFibia without having to contact customer service first.

Efficient processes and even better customer experience will increase Fibia’s attractiveness to potential new customers, while strengthening its market position as one of Denmark’s largest fibre companies.

"Automating order flows has been crucial to boosting our business processes and ensuring optimal use of our resources. Novataris is an IT partner that – once again – delivers efficiently on time and with high quality."

Hanne Elkjær, IT Manager


With efficient processes and better customer experience, Fibia strengthens its position as one of Denmark's largest fibre companies

Fibia now has a better use of resources

Fibia can now offer better customer service to new and existing customers